Passion Masonry is the success story of Carlos Loredo, who was born in El Mante Tamaulipas México on December 6th, 1983. His life in Mexico was very poor, and not without difficulty and tragedy. As a child, Carlos took comfort in his love for building – anything from sandcastles to forts – he took pleasure in working with his hands and the creative process. It was a natural choice, when Carlos went to work at the age of 12, to become a mason’s apprentice. He eagerly learned the trade and was mentored by his employer. Being ambitious, he perfected his brick and block laying skills over the next several years and then moved to Monterey, Mexico, where he started his first masonry business at the age of 17. He worked tirelessly, building a successful business and learning the business side of his trade. In 2005, he came to the United States seeking better opportunities, giving up his business in Mexico and starting over, working with a green card as a mason laborer in Atlanta. Eventually, Carlos came to Charleston, where he met his wife and partner, Rosalinda. Together, they started and built their own masonry businesses, finally establishing the aptly named Passion Masonry. Carlos eventually earned his citizenship and has been a true example of the American spirit. With Rosalinda, and with much perseverance, hard work and sacrifice, he built his masonry empire.

Carlos and Rosalinda credit their faith in God and their belief in family and charity for much of their success. They pay their good fortune forward by supporting family members in their dreams of business ownership and in providing financial support for charitable projects both here in the United States and in Mexico, never forgetting the humble beginnings that brought them to success and a good life in the United States.

Carlos continues to work in the field, leading his crews by example and being involved in every aspect of Passion Masonry. When Carlos is not working, he can be found mentoring others in their business ventures, spending time with family and friends, and driving the fast cars he loves!

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